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Freelance Illustrator

We ask all our design applicants to do small, standard test. We don’t use this work (unless we end up hiring you for it) but we need it to see how you respond to the kinds of prompts you’d be getting from us in a real life scenario. This is what our creative briefs look like, though here we’re leaving the design direction open so you can make it your own.

We’d like you to mock up a Facebook cover photo design for Rock Candy Media. Here’s the brief:

Who: Targeting marketing managers and CEOs at medium to large Austin-based companies
What: Facebook cover artwork
Where: Austin
When: Now
Why: We want to show that we are both creative and results-oriented. Our clients like having their brands look good, but if it doesn’t result in sales, it’s meaningless to them. So we want our first impression to be that we are cool yet committed to actually making them money.

Here’s the copy to put in there:
We’re like the rich uncle you always wanted
but for your business