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Feb 22, 2017    Industry Intrigue

YouTube Ads Just Got More Valuable


“What am I spending money on again?”

“Are you sure they’re responding to the ad?”

These are questions that digital advertisers get every day from anxious clients, who are confused and frightened by the world of online advertising.

Luckily, you have nothing to fear. Google (our favorite digital marketing platform) gives advertiser free access to more data than you can even imagine – and it’s about to get better.

Previously, Google would provide stats on who is clicking your ads, how long people are watching your YouTube videos and other relevant metrics for measuring audience engagement, without a lot of transparency or context. You’d have to trust that the numbers they were providing were legit. Now, Google is offering independent audits for YouTube campaigns.

“Google announced it would be improving the quality standards in ad reporting by offering independent audits of campaigns to show brands when ads were served, viewed and validate the internet traffic.”

This is a huge win for everyone. Advertisers can be sure continent is served properly, business owners are saving money and consumers can enjoy high quality content in a way that fosters engagement.

But how does Google plan on doing this?

Easy, according to Babak Pahlavan, Senior Director of Product Management, Analytics Solutions and Measurement, Google will allow third party verification and audit partners to ensure that the metrics available from Google are objective and accurate.

“The audit will validate that data collection, aggregation and reporting for served video impressions, viewable impressions, related viewability statistics and General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) across desktop and mobile for each integration adheres to MRC and IAB standards”

But what does this really mean? It’s easy, you can be sure that metrics and standards on data will be stricter – ensuring advertisers greater confidence in the reported results.

Over the years, data validation has been a very intense debate and Google’s recent moves prove their commitment to advertisers and ensuring ads hit inteded targets.

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