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Oct 30, 2017    Burn Book

You’re Losing Money Marketing With Google


Have you used the internet before? Do you own a credit card? Cool. You’re officially qualified to use Google Adwords. (And qualified to work for quite a few Austin digital marketing firms, sadly.)

That’s about all it takes. Because anybody can use Google Adwords. And everybody does. If your digital marketing strategy revolves around tossing some money at the most skipped over part of a Google search and contentedly calling it a day, you aren’t planning for growth. You’re guaranteeing failure.

We’d follow up that statement with some sort of declaration meant to sound like a firm call to action — maybe something like, “We here at Rock Candy Media don’t believe in failure.” — but that’s idiotic, uncreative, half-assed corporate nothing-speak. (It’s a very Google Adwords sort of call to action.)

We’ll just say this: most consumers know that the Google ads at the top of their search are paid for. They know they lack legitimacy. They also know that the businesses placing at the top of the organic search are legit.

So when it comes to effective SEO marketing, how do you place where it matters?

Content is King

Like we said, anyone can use Google Adwords. While it’s not an unimportant thing to utilize — you definitely want to be attacking on as many fronts as you can — relying heavily on it is about as business savvy as investing your entire marketing budget into a really fancy sign for a kid to wave outside your business. (Actually, an unnecessarily high budget sign spinner would at least be cool to see. Spending all your money on Google Adwords is just boring as hell.)

If you really want to win on Google you need to place high organically and, after you place organically, get clicks.

You do that with engaging, keyword conscious content and headlines people want to click.

It’s all about content now.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the media landscape today. Everyone — EV-ER-Y-ONE — wants their own content. Facebook and Apple TV are (or, were) content aggregators and not content creators. Now they’ve just invested a billion (with a B) dollars, each, into creating their own content.

(Netflix used to just be a content aggregator too. Their stock is almost $200 a share as of this writing.)

Everything is trending toward original content, and it’s what both search and social are going to increasingly prioritize and optimize for first. It’s how everyone, including businesses, are going to be seen.

Because people don’t spend most of their days “with their heads buried in their phones.” They spend most of their days consuming content. (While their heads are buried in their phones.)

Of course, it’s totally reasonable for most businesses to think that creating content is of no concern to them.

But the truth is that if you want your business to be seen, and you want people to know who you are, then you are, in one form or another, in the business of creating content as well.

Our Content Converts

You’re good at what you do, and you have a great team. We are, and we do. That’s why we have no hesitations telling the world about ourselves. We’re an anti-template Austin marketing firm. We market ourselves to reflect that: in an unabashedly relentless way. Our clients are the same way, which is why we go on the attack for them too.

We have zero qualms about creating frank content; both for ourselves and for our clients. Honest, assertive content is the best content. Period. Any digital marketing firm or design firm in Austin should know that.

With Google that starts with the headline. We make sure to dot our i’s and cross our t’s, i.e. optimize the headline with relevant and necessary keywords, but we also make damn sure to avoid the easy-to-make mistake that is slipping into the realm of blandness in the process.

(If you see a headline that looks like it’s loaded with keywords but is about as interesting as a nursing home after 9 p.m., it was written by a marketer who will probably tell you to focus on, you guessed it, Google Adwords.)

People click Rock Candy Media content because the headline 1) was relevant to what they were searching for, and 2) we give them a reason to click it. An honest, relevant, urgent, and engaging reason.

Once they’re in, our clients and us have provided the potential customer something actually worth reading/watching/looking at and are pointing them in the right direction without coming off as, well, a spinning sign kid.

People tend to skip over Google search ads. They don’t skip over Rock Candy Media organic content.

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