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Jun 24, 2020    Burn Book

You’re Ghosting A Critical Business Relationship


Listen up, we’re all grown adults on here. Except for you, Timmy. Get off your Mom’s laptop before we tell her you’re watching ‘noise’ again. But little Timmy excluded, we’re all adults. This also means we know how hard it can be to maintain relationships as we get older.

Now, I want you to compare that to the relationship management operations of a business owner. The relationship a casual citizen has with Nancy two doors down about her tomato garden isn’t going to be a huge loss. Unless those are some bomb tomatoes. But the relationships for a business owner? Those are far more grave. Just ask Annie Liao Jones and how she discovered what matters most in conjuring one of the best advertising agencies in Austin.

Guess what? It starts by building meaningful relationships.

Robots Don’t Close

There is nothing more unauthentic than receiving a clearly automized message or email from a branding and design agency you’re trying to work with. It’s not the way to close a deal. The best marketing and advertising strategies in the last decade will show you that more personable communication methods will always have a far greater impact.

The takeaway? Stop being a lazy turd. Bots are for the unenlightened. Just like an advertisement or piece of content, you need to be talking to audiences as if they were real people. And as a business owner, so do you. But hurdles remain.

How do you communicate with potential clients and customers through digital means while still sounding authentic and personable? It’s not like many people are rushing to meet up in person right now. So as brand strategists and growth consultants we must learn how to caress them digitally.

How to Reach Them

Phone calls are a start. Annie Liao Jones will tell you time and time again – a 30-minute phone call can accomplish more than an email chain with 60+ responses every single time.


Which to this day has been some of the best advice she has ever given me. Besides the constant tips on how to up my love life, which I am grateful for, but not embracing entirely.

Calling someone on the phone seems so prehistoric in these times. With upcoming generations deferring to DM’s, texts, and emails, to conduct their communication methods. While they can be useful, especially DM’s to potential businesses (not to and from professional basketball players looking to shoot their shot) phone calls will get your message across quicker and more authentically 10/10 times.

Phone calls aside, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the all-mighty Zoom conference. Despite the fact that working from home has me looking like a hobo that does cheap magic tricks for quarters on 6th street (shootout Houdini Henry), Zoom calls can be just as effective as a phone call.

The face to face interaction you get rivals an in-person exchange to a slight degree.

Who Is Your Most Important Business Relationship?

It’s not your assistant. It’s not your investors. And it’s certainly not the dominatrix you’ve been paying with the company card (we know where you live Felix).

The most important business relationship you have is the one you share with your customer. Which reiterates the importance of retaining a personable and authentic voice in all of your messaging. Something we take very seriously here at Rock Candy Media. If it’s not authentic, it’s not allowed. Our digital marketing agency can sniff out bot worded BS from a mile away.

So know that when you partner with a digital agency like us, you’ll always get it raw, real, and original.

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