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Jun 21, 2018    Burn Book

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know And it’s Hurting You


Okay, let’s get the pickup lines out of the way—We’re Rock Candy Media, and we have our fingers on the pulse of marketing trends! Yeah, right; somehow, out of all the ad agencies in Austin, TX, we’re the only ones that read Forbes. That’s not a game I’m going to play. I’ll say this though, taking a pulse isn’t the same as performing targeted surgery. Would you let the same kid that just got her first aid scout patch do your appendectomy? Probably not.  But the best doctors don’t get to just sit on their degrees and collect a check.

We’re peak dope amongst all advertising agencies in Austin because none of us are above actually learning. You can parrot the latest trends, but are you actually absorbing them? Are you figuring out why not all trends work for all clients in all venues? QR code stickers at SXSW might have sounded like the bomb in the conference call (in 2003) but we actually learned that all the geeks coming in means the data infrastructure is fubared. If Austin ad agencies don’t learn everything they can from this city—seriously, you can get all the info you need just posting up in a margarita spot—they end up closing. I have kings to make and shoes to buy, so that’s really not what I’m about.  

We do buyer profiles to figure out what their biggest fears are, what their Santa List is, etc to get their attention and for you to be top of mind when they need your services. The deep dive works.

Most marketing firms in Austin, Texas are steered by people incapable of stepping out of their egos to learn more than rote memorization of what’s new rather than what’s going to actually work. That’s why RCM is always testing, doing the toe-dip and allocating funds vs. needing more.

If you want a nice, clean, one-fits-all trend template, there are marketing agencies in Austin that can do that for you. They just won’t be the ones we’re running.

Let Your Curiosity Take Control