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Jan 26, 2012    Uncategorized

Why Writing Well Matters


You’ve read The Elements of Style or at least flipped through The Oatmeal’s guide to apostrophes and semicolons; but in this fast-paced, abbreviated world, why does writing well really matter? Well first of all, people are generally too busy to even read what you’re writing, so if they’re going to take the time to see what you have to say, it better not suck.

Check this ad. It doesn’t mince words. The headline is catchy, and you don’t regret wasting your tech-blinded eyes on reading. It’s raw. It’s interesting. And it sucks so much less than most writing these days.

And if you’re thinking, “My company doesn’t do print. We don’t have that kind of budget.” Well, it doesn’t really matter. Just because your words aren’t running as a full-size mag ad doesn’t mean they’re not important. Look at everything you’re putting out there that has words on it: your company’s website, your personal blog, Facebook posts, tweets. Every message you’re sending out is being experienced with about twice as many other messages as the day before.

So don’t mince words. Don’t post for the sake of posting. Don’t write copy just to fill white space. In this ever-growing world of instant communication, your words mean more now than they ever have before. Use them well.

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