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Jul 17, 2012    Uncategorized

Why Internet Explorer Sucks


I am sure that there are many of you who click on the blue ‘e’ icon on your computer to access the internet.  Internet Explorer(IE) is standard browser loaded to PCs, but did you know that there are other browsers available to you that are much faster, more secure, and more up to date?

Right now the four most popular browsers are Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Comparing the speed of these, Google Chrome would be the fastest and IE would be the slowest. Keep in mind that I am using the most recent versions of each browser in this comparison.

Most of these browsers should be up to date for you. They will let you know when an update is available and will update your browser when you restart it, unless you use IE. Internet Explorer never updates for you. You have to go to Microsoft’s website and actively download and install the new version. Because of this, there are a lot of people out there with outdated versions of IE. And because it hardly ever updates, there are more security holes in the browser. Of the four browsers Firefox and Chrome have shown to be the most secure browsers.

When it comes to design, IE can be a real pain. A lot of cool things that people can do with a website involving HTML5 and CSS3 are not supported with Internet Explorer. In fact there is even a chart that lists all of the things that different browsers do and do not support:

As a web developer who has done a lot of research on this subject, I would recommend using Google Chrome. You can even import all of your bookmarks from your old browser. If you must use Internet Explorer then you should at least upgrade to IE 9, which is the most recently released version.

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