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Aug 22, 2017    Burn Book

Why Do They Torment Us?


Why Do They Torment Us?


I have a suspicion that those who founded great, and free, platforms get their kicks not from money, but by power.


Who knew what size you could post on LinkedIn after you wasted two hours trying to make it smaller, to watch it blow up in your face when you hit publish.


Then you use the answer to the world: Google, and it turns out no one knows. And if they do, their image size is wrong.


It was frustrating at first, but then became comical as I have my entire team (who I did hire because they are smarter than me) come by my desk and they so confidently knew the answers but were proven wrong.


Mind you we are a digital marketing company. And mind you some companies did it right, and some companies did it wrong but the variables were: personal page vs corporate page, the image size on Buffer vs. GoDaddy.


What gratified us at the end of this excursion, was not our work but that we saw large corporations doing it wrong as well.


Do these people just attain a bit of power and wake up and decide: ha ha, those peasants, I feel like messing with them today because they think they’re so smart. And then I wonder if they were the kids that got beat up in school.


Moral of the story: two wrongs don’t make a right.


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