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Dec 20, 2019    Burn Book

Why Are You Letting the Industry Mold You? Mold It Back.


Performance marketing strategy is ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever-unique from one client to another. Hell, even from one client’s campaign to another. Image vs tone vs culture. Marketing vs advertising vs earned media vs branding.

The easy thing to do would be to write out a huge step by step process of going from nothing to something, from startup idea to super brand, and follow those for every client and every campaign.

Why change what works, right?

I mean, given how most of our competitors all over the nation do their work, we can tell this is how they operate.

Everyone that goes to them will be told they are being “molded,” “shaped,” “branded” into the best. Throw in buzzwords like creative strategy, disruptive advertising, performance agency, and growth hacking, it’s no wonder they stay in business. Churning out unremarkable mediocrity is easy, just ask any product that’s one row up from the bottom in a grocery aisle.

But what they mean by “molding” and “shaping” is this: smashing you into the template they know.

We don’t like working with founders that want to ‘get by’ and ‘complete’ as opposed to accomplish and achieve beyond expectations. That sounds tedious. We like working with the founders that want to change industries, shake up big names, and do the unpredictable.

We’re the agency that’s anti-template. A little bit like rebellious teens that, instead of growing up, just invested in our quirks and capitalized on our talent. You can capitalize on yours too.

If that sounds exciting to you, if you hate templates and tradition as much as we do, we want to work with you in 2020.

Try not to put it off — we don’t get featured in the American Marketing Association, ABJ’s Top CEO Awards, Fast Company, Biz Journals, Psych Today or retain the title of Austin’s Top Branding Agency because we have lots of free slots.

Get on it.

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