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Feb 13, 2020    Burn Book

When “Telling It Like It Is” Backfires for a Marketing Agency


When “telling it like it is” backfires.

Just kidding, it doesn’t. At least, not for Rock Candy Media in Austin.

Not every digital marketing agency can say this, but as the top performance marketing agency in the area, we know we can.

For everyone, “telling it like it is” means:

— Being truthful

But for RCM, and for our CEO and Founder Annie, it means:

— Not just being truthful, because this allows for some truths to be said while others aren’t- which we consider lying. But SAYING the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help us Annie.

— Saying it without ANY filter. Not one for niceties, not one for professionalism, no filters at all. 

Why do we feel we can do this? Why don’t we worry about hurting our employees’ or clients’ feelings? Why don’t we feel the need to talk like a corporate agency is supposed to?

Because we KNOW for a fact that we can follow it up with the exact way to fix it. For example:

We may tell a client, “Listen. This idea is dope. But your last 3 years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears going into your business? It sucked. The execution was wrong. The backbone of the brand was missing. Your heart was there, but no one could see it…”

First, they wouldn’t be a client if they didn’t sign IN THEIR CONTRACT the “no butthurt rule.” No one leaves anything unsaid for fear of hurting feelings. That’s a waste of your time AND our time, which you’re paying us for.

Second, we don’t just throw that in their face and walk away. We throw that on the table, and then we throw the fully flushed out solution on top of it. Your dope idea is about to go under like 80% of businesses?? — No it’s not. And here’s why. And here’s how. And we’ll take care of it, with you.

That’s what we do as one of the Top Social Media Branding Companies. We see your blood, sweat, and tears, and we tear it apart. Then, with you, we rebuild and add in our own blood, sweat, and tears. Everyone. We wouldn’t be here working at Rock Candy Media in Austin if we weren’t passionate about caring about what we do and what brands we help build.

It’s not for everyone… But it might be for you. If you think you can take it, hit us up. Don’t hold back. Let’s tell each other like it is.

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