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May 3, 2016    White Board

What It Means To Be A Creative Salesforce


Unlike the brilliant strategists on my team, I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like directly involved in the creative process – I’ve got to be selling. (Trust me, you want to work with an agency that knows how to sell itself.) However, I choose to sell advertising, not tankless water heaters, so I have an obvious inclination toward creativity.


My creative work begins once the operational work is taken care of. When I first meet with a new client, I focus primarily on understanding their business model. When I understand where they’re at, then I can start brainstorming ways to add new sales funnels or shorten the sales cycle. I’m constantly reading about advertising and marketing, so I’ll connect the client’s business with interesting new ideas that I’ve come across.


I may pitch some new ideas in the meeting, or I may not, but once we’ve learned all about a client’s operation, I sit down with my senior team and we whiteboard everything. My creativity expresses itself in the way that I think about the client’s business – identifying strengths and opportunities for new growth. My team’s creativity expresses itself in amazing art, copy and strategy that taps into these opportunities.


By synthesizing the two, we’re able to create stronger branding, messaging and overall digital marketing strategy than we would be by focusing exclusively on sales or exclusively on creative. We’re not boring, but we’re also not so artsy that you never realize any value on your ad spend.


At Rock Candy Media, creativity and sales are never separate. That’s why we call ourselves a creative salesforce.

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