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Apr 6, 2015    Industry Intrigue

What is Content Strategy?


For some advertising agencies, it’s in their best interest to confuse you. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re paying for, it’s easier for marketing and advertising companies to convince you to keep paying.  What can we say? We’re spinmasters, our job is to convince people that things have value. But no one should be spinning anything with their own clients. It’s our job to have your back.


One of the hottest advertising buzzwords these days is “content strategy.” Make no mistake, content strategy can make or break your marketing goals, but what exactly is it?


Most agencies don’t want you to know, but here in Austin, we value honesty, so we’ll let you in on the secret.


Do you want to know?


Content strategy is anything and everything that drives people to your business, product or service.


I know what you’re thinking. “That sounds like marketer-speak! That doesn’t mean anything!”


You’re right, of course, so rather than telling you what content strategy is, I’ll tell you what it should be.


Great Content Strategy is Diverse

The old days of two or three agencies dictating top-down strategies are over. There are tons of savvy advertising shops serving every conceivable industry. This means that you can’t just do a one time media buy and call it good. Modern content strategy meets your customers wherever they are, through every possible avenue. Print, radio, TV, and digital should all be on the table, and your ad spend should be diverse within those categories. Additionally, your content strategy should aim to embrace earned media. If you’re doing something really cool, people will write about you for free.


Great Content Strategy is Consistent

As you attack every possible advertising angle, your content should always look like you. It’s smart to adapt to different mediums, but foolish to abandon a defining brand when you do that. Everything with your name on it should be instantly recognizable as your own.


Great Content Strategy is Integrated

The team behind your brand should work as one unit. Copy and graphic design should complement and enhance one another. The person designing your ads should know your brand as well as your point of contact with the agency. Great content strategy means everyone working on your account is working together.


Great Content Strategy is Targeted

Part of being diverse is knowing your audience. Whether you’re marketing b2b or b2c, your content strategy should reflect specific consumers. Your content strategy should have specific plans for specific high value verticals, all of which still reflect your brand.


Great Content Strategy is Good

Once your content hits those eyeballs you’re after, you don’t them to roll. Art should pop and content should be original and engaging. If you’re working off a template, people will see through it. What you produce should be worth seeing. That means you need an advertising agency that knows you and knows how to sell you. A lot of agencies will outsource their content production to overseas mills or to freelancers. Not only is this bad for copywriters trying to make a living, it’s bad for your brand. If you’re spending time and money on a marketing company, they should be doing the same for you.



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