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Sep 3, 2015    From the CEO

What are you looking for?


What are you looking for? How do you know what you’re looking for? That’s not a rhetorical question. I’m not Bono. What I mean is, when you sit down at your computer (like all of us do, every single day) and try to find a piece of information, are you aware of why you type what you type?

 People like to talk about UX in terms of design but UX informs everything we do, and starts with the basic “why do people buy?”

 Sometimes it’s intuitive. You want a yummy sandwich so you type in “yummy sandwich austin,” and whichever sandwich shop has the best marketing agency with the strongest organic SEO will pop up and you order.

 What about when you’re operating on more than just the basest instincts? What about when you’re doing research and the difference between the right search result and the wrong search result could mean thousands of dollars, or even your job? Those are the times you want to rely on something a little more concrete than Google’s algorithm.

 The same holds true when you’re trying to get your brand to appear in search. When people are making big decisions, you want them to already have your company in the back of their mind. This is where branding, positioning, and social content strategy come into play. When someone really, really needs something, brand stickiness separates you from all of the SEO wizards.

 When you’re trying to hit decisionmakers, you’re going to shorten your sales cycle if buyers have heard of your brand on social or by word of mouth. A real referral – whether it’s by a person or a tweet – is going to carry more weight that a high search result.

 Search engine optimization is important, and the Rock Candy Media team gets our clients at the top of organic search, but it’s not everything. Go beyond the Google search.

 The abstract “thing” that really sets your brand apart is content strategy. Anyone can do SEO; only smart people can marry that SEO with a brand strategy that creates conversions and takes price off the table in order to make you money.

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