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Jan 11, 2017    White Board

We’re watching you, and it’s a good thing too


Everything you do on the internet is being tracked. No, I’m not talking about the NSA… Well, depending on your recent web history this could apply to you, but I’m talking about your favorite brands.

Each time you visit your favorite site, you’re being tracked. And it’s not a bad thing. Each click you make, every flip flop discount you take, advertisers are be tracking your every move, and it’s important. By learning what you like, you’ll actually get better and more relevant advertising.

Nothing is more annoying than sitting through a forced 30-second ad on YouTube for a product you have zero interest in.

Your favorite brands can do this because they utilize a host of free and paid tools that track users and the actions they take on the site. They can then take this list, commonly referred to as a remarketing list, and deliver ads based on the actions these users take. These brands can even take this a step further, and grow this remarketing list by creating look-a-like lists. These lists are composed of users who have similar online interests and other tracked behavior in common. This powerful tool allows brand to greatly expand their reach to more people who are likely to be interested, and it’s a great thing.

Online tracking has a negative connotation, but it’s a good thing we can track users. Ads are a fact of life, and no one benefits from poorly targeted ones. If your site does not have a product like Google Analytics pixel on it now, stop reading and go install it now. I’ll wait.. It’s a no brainer that retargeting users who are already familiar with the product will yield better results than someone who has never seen it.

These tracking tools are a major part of our arsenal as a digital marketing agency, and they get more sophisticated all the time. That’s why people pay us to stay on top of these tools and trends to build their business. Marketing and consulting agencies like Rock Candy Media don’t just build brands and shape messaging. We’re the power behind the brands and architects of effective online advertising. This means that your brand can have access to this power.

Imagine being able to hit potential buyers with your message everywhere – Facebook, Google, their favorite websites, even their email client. We have this power, and you can have it too. Request a positioning analysis to find out how.

Advertisers like us are watching you, and it’s a good thing. We’re already forcing you to watch our ad, you might as well like it. You might even buy it.

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