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Aug 10, 2017    RCM First Timers

Toss Out Your Thesaurus




Creativity is what gives people, places, and things identity. My identity is expressed through the music I listen to, my writing, and my hobbies and interests. Curiosity separates people from each other, it makes us unique individuals and feeds our personality.


I was drawn to the advertising industry because it is a creative industry. Forming identities for companies and coming up with clever copy is a challenge for me, but it pushes me to find the voice of the brand that resonates with the audience. This can be extremely difficult. Finding the strategically unique voice is a meticulous challenge that doesn’t end until the client is happy and you’ve created something that is truly different.


So, I graduated with a degree in advertising and learned about the creative process that worked for me. With that experience in my portfolio, I began to look for marketing and advertising firms that understood the importance of uniqueness and encouraged creative problem solving. There are many talented agencies in Austin that have created great reputations based on their work and amazing work cultures. When I came across an Advertising Copywriter position listed on Rock Candy Media’s website I immediately knew this was the opportunity I was looking for.


The Anti-Template is about pushing boundaries. Our CEO, Annie Liao Jones, always says “Give me something out there, because I can always reign you in, but I can’t push you out.”  Creating brands that no one can duplicate is why Rock Candy Media’s award-winning work stands apart from their competition. After receiving the job offer I was extremely excited to find out the agency culture embraces creativity as well. Where other Austin advertising agencies house hundreds of employees in huge warehouse-type buildings, the RCM team sits in the same room to foster a corporate identity you cannot define. Strategic thinking flows freely from employee to employee in a personal way. No egos are allowed. That was made clear in my interview. Our team works together and understands that messaging is key when you need to build brands that get recognized, but also to get the right kind of leads. It’s why people call us their creative salesforce. You don’t have to believe me, but working here is fun, and I’ve never watched the clock and said ‘this day is going by so slow’. RCM is pretty much the opposite of that. Our senior team will push you to do things you are nervous about, but they encourage that kind of art direction and marketing strategy. People who work here genuinely like each other and I think this empowers a certain kind of strategy other agencies don’t have. Out of all the Austin digital marketing firms, Rock Candy Media is the one that truly embraces diversity and understands the importance of rebelling, in the right way.

Let Your Curiosity Take Control