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Apr 2, 2015    From the CEO

Top 5 Advertising Challenges in Austin


You’ve put in your sleepless nights, draining workdays and a considerable amount of capital and now your business is off the ground and you’re ready to take the next step – investing in an advertising and marketing campaign, but how do you do that? In a city like Austin, that prides itself on being unconventional, creative and bold, how do you make your business stand out? It’s one of the biggest questions facing business owners in a booming city. If you’re setting out to find the best Austin advertising agency or marketing company for your business, be aware of these five challenges.


You’re Local, But So Is Everyone Else

“Keep Austin Weird” has led to a robust economy where most people make a concerted effort to support local businesses (or, at least, they say they do). However, even with that ethos in mind, people still need to know your business exists and why it’s better than another local alternative. Make sure the agency you choose is prepared to leverage your specific advantages, rather than just put a picture of the 360 Overlook on your homepage and call it good.


Advertising Takes Up Too Much (Or Too Little) Time

Hiring an advertising agency is like hiring a partner. You wouldn’t bring someone into your company who checked in once a month and just went on their way. Likewise, you don’t want someone incapable of working independently. When looking for the best agency for your business, make sure that the agency takes the time to understand your industry in general and your business specifically. If an agency comes in with what looks like a template campaign that they use for every client, then they’re either not going to give you personalized treatment or they’ll need you to hold their hand for every campaign – making you do the work for them. A good agency is going to give you three things – content, branding and design. They should present you with graphic design work that’s unique to your business and your branding.


“Austin” Doesn’t End at 290

The cache that comes with being based in Austin doesn’t stop at the city limits. Consumers in smaller towns like Temple, Georgetown, Kyle, San Marcos and New Braunfels are eager to get in on the next big thing in the hip city. It’s not just small towns, either. San Antonio is a short drive up 290 and if your product is worth buying, people are willing to make the trip. Your advertising partner should have a plan for getting your name out across all of Central Texas.


Money Is an Object

Advertisers are businesses too, and they have to keep the doors open. When meeting with potential agencies, make sure that they’re up-front with you about cost. Get a clear idea of what your spend will get you. Smaller agencies are more likely to be flexible and work with you to put together a high-value package that fits your budget.


Advertising is Hard

Even the best campaigns sometimes don’t work out immediately. However, if your advertising strategy is deliberately executed to build your brand and say something about your business that resonates with consumers, you’ll eventually see dividends. With that in mind, make sure any campaigns you execute are really telling your story.

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