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Aug 2, 2017    Good Company

Those Compliments That Make You Question Society


Early on in my sales career, before I started creative design agency Rock Candy Media, I remember a friend – whom I considered a peer and confidant – told me he said “I’m not aggressive like Annie.” At first, I considered it rude, but after further contemplation, I decided that “yes, I am not like <name> at all.” Everyone has their own sales process that works for them. Mine is very methodological, but mainly I thought “Do men get called aggressive?” The answer is no. To me, it is a compliment. To women, it is something that feels unnatural. This is unfortunate because I never wanted to be judged for being a woman but as a successful owner of one of the best ad agencies in Austin.  We women are born to be caretakers and that doesn’t make me happy. My eight-year-old daughter has an American Girl doll I want to throw away. No kid should be strolling around with a baby.

That gets to my second pain point: the word “bossy.” Let’s take a virtual nod of yes or no. Do you know of any man that gets called bossy? I never thought of it until a year ago (which in itself is weird). I get that title, but I think men are called “particular” or “strict” instead. I want my daughter to be bossy and know that her inner strength should prevail over these labels. As branding experts in the Austin area, I defiantly challenge you to just be aware.

I have been in a man’s world since the day I graduated and I never wanted the ‘best woman’ title. I felt it took away from my own work as a person.

Because I’m in advertising, I am hyper aware of the words we use in everyday language and all I want is for us all to label men bossy and aggressive too.

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