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May 3, 2011    Uncategorized

Thinking Through Social Media


Howdy!  I figure I should give you a quick introduction to myself, as I’m fairly new here at Rock Candy Media.  I moved here nearly 4 years ago from dry, flat West Texas and let me tell you – I absolutely adore Austin!  In 2007 I graduated with my B.A. in Communications.  Before joining the team at Rock Candy Media, I worked in the printing industry supporting account executives, communicating with clients and managing schedules.  It definitely helped prepare me for my position as Production Director at Rock Candy Media. But in just 3 short weeks I have learned there are so many more exciting things to do and learn!

For starters, I know that Social Media is huge right now.  I’m sure you know that too.  What you really need to know is that setting up a Facebook page, Twitter account or blog isn’t going to be effective enough. Social Media participation needs to be well thought out, just like any other creative strategy.

So maybe you’ve signed up, posted your basic info and linked all your pages together.  Now what?  Remember that social media needs to be exactly that – social. Common sense right?  Well, maybe.  Twitter feeds that only link back to blog posts won’t keep anyone’s interest (credit bradley).  A blog or Facebook feed that stays idle too long will lead to viewers forgetting that you’re out there.   Instead, pose questions to your readers that will start discussions and maybe even provide helpful feedback to you.  Be mindful of your comments page; reply back to reader questions and give them a big “THANKS!” when they mention you in their blogs.  Hey everybody wins that way!  Adding these personal touches will also encourage your readers to stay tuned.

On the same note, make sure you strike a healthy balance of staying in touch, and overloading your audience with too much stuff.   Nobody wants to see the 25(!) photos you’ve posted this morning of the sleepy kitten on your porch.  I’ve known people to be un-friended for lesser offenses than that.   Keep it relevant and keep it interesting!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed or lost?  Contact Rock Candy Media and we’ll help get you moving in the right direction! We’d rather NOT have your company on Facebook unless it’s done the right way. Would you want your clients to see your Facebook page pop up before your homepage when they Google you? That’s what’s happening in the search engine world now. So leave it to the experts. Pretty soon you’ll be your own ‘social media’ manager!

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