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Jul 28, 2014    From the CEO

The Truth About CEOpaths


This just in – CEOs and entrepreneurs are psychopaths. You see headlines like this every time some internet-famous newbie columnist is having a slump and can’t turn to writing about body shaming because they did that last week.

They’ll moan and moan from the same offices that keep them in their Herman Miller chairs, that the big dogs at the top “just don’t care, man.”

Well, so WHAT?

Sorry to bust out the old reality TV show chestnut, but hey–no one keeps a business running to make friends.

Apparently, the loose definition of sociopath is someone that seeks out risk and follows through without any guilt. As long as we’re not talking about some Buffalo Bill situation, how is that a bad thing?

Do you think for one second – that someone who wouldn’t be willing to risk everything – could start building a company that would last? Do you think someone that had time to wonder if an employee was telling the truth about having anal bleeding for the 30th time would ever see their vision realized? Do you think someone that had to put food on the table for their employees’ families (nevermind their own) has time to worry about who it butthurt over what that day? Honestly most successful entrepreneurs NEVER think their work is done. Would you wish that life on your loved ones?

Didn’t think so.

How about this? I, as a business owner (and mother, and daughter, and boss, and former employee) will agree to keep creating space for these holier-than-thou creative types to write / dream / draw / design whatever else they feel compelled to spew out, if THEY in return, agree to stop painting business owners with the same unflattering, uninspired brush. Because it’s just tired. And we’re such psychopaths we just don’t get to be tired.

Business owners are putting their money and their lives on the line to chase their dream. We’re not going to apologize for moving past the rest of you.

Annie Liao Jones – Principal, Rock Candy Media

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