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Jun 27, 2019    Burn Book

The One (& Only) Thing You Want in a Marketing Agency


As an executive, company leader, or someone with ownership of a brand, If you’re looking for an Austin design firm, a branding agency, a creative advertising agency, really any type of growth hacking consultants … what’s the one thing you look for?

You could have a team with unparalleled confidence, so you’re always resting easy knowing they never make mistakes. They send perfect, formal emails and their presentations are spotless and memorized.

You could have a team that gets dirty in their own work ethic. They have their nose to the grindstone, they email you at 2am with new work, and you know they’re putting in the hours, one after the other.

You could have the punctual and prompt communicators. You’ll never wait for an email reply, you’ll get answers in a flash, and you’ll never be left hanging over a weekend wondering about the status of a project.

But these are all easy.

Any and all Austin ad agencies can get a team that appears communicative, confident, and hard working. That’s really the only way to land a job at all, no? They’re the absolute basics.

So when you’re looking for THE RIGHT Austin marketing firm, here’s what to actually look for:


You want a team that’s imperfect, knows it, constantly learns, and knows they can always be better.

Because when you hand off your brand, your website, your social media, your SEO, your design, and everything outside and in between, you want people that go above and beyond to prove even themselves wrong in terms of what can be accomplished. You want a team of white hat growth hackers that stays on top of the game, ahead of trends, and surrounds themselves with challenges and a rebellious company culture.

When you want to shake up your industry and come out on top, you don’t want people that have been playing by the rules their whole life.

You don’t want the white bread aisle and you don’t want something you can get just anywhere with any agency. You want what you can only get with the TOP Austin marketing agency: the weird, the inherently idiosyncratic, the daring.

It’s no secret that Annie Liao Jones, the CEO of Rock Candy Media Marketing firm in Austin, TX, knows how to hire people, even when they don’t see their innate talent themselves. With their everyday skills of confidence, communication, and work ethic steadily in the background, their true unique and inherent talent can shine: a drive towards the supposedly unachievable perfection, and creativity that can’t be matched.

And if you sit down with her, you’ll see it.

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