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Jun 6, 2012    Uncategorized

The New Girl


Being the new girl in the RCM world, I thought I’d take my first blog post and tell you about myself and where my design inspiration comes from. (Prepare yourself now for instagram pictures galore.)

I love what I do for so many reasons, but I’m going to stick to this one for now: Typography.

 At the end of the day my favorite part of it is probably always going to be the type. Nothing steals my heart like good typography, type nerd’s honor. Most things that people give designers to work on involve some kind of type. Still, I think one reason I like type so much is because I love to read and always have. Words are basic. Beautiful. They can draw you into another world.

Sometimes they’re just a good laugh.

(But seriously. Dave Matthews does make me want to kick puppies.)

Where do I get my inspiration? In a way, it’s always music. I don’t do any kind of work without music. No design, no sketching, no studying, not even working out. None. I can’t concentrate when it’s quiet. Besides, even if I feel uninspired, just sitting down and sketching the words I’m listening gives me something to work on.

I also draw inspiration from books, photographs, and by surrounding myself with the opinions of other designers (who are also my friends). Like it or not, we all thrive on a good critique.

Obviously, I have a love affair with using instagram to document my life and I will never get tired of posting pictures of my cat–even if she gets sick of it.

Now that’s enough about me. Tell me something about you—we’d love to hear your favorite things and where you get your inspiration!

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