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Aug 23, 2011    Uncategorized

The Future of the Web!


Welcome to the 21st century! Flying cars, talking robots? Not yet. What we do have is HTML5, and that’s taking us straight to the future. Hello everyone, my name is Chris Linden and while I may not be the newest employee at Rock Candy Media, I decided it’s time for an introduction! As the Director of Web Development, I’ve thought for quite some time on topics I want to share with our readers. After contemplating several ideas I thought, “Hey if I’m going to introduce myself, I should get you guys acquainted with the HTML5.” As HTML5 is here to stay!

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term HTML5, HTML5 is the language for websites, spoken by web designers and developers to create the sites and applications we all use everyday inside our modern web browsers! No not iPhone or Android apps, but these and this kind of applications! These are giving developers and designers more room to create advanced applications such as games for the end user (you)! While surfing the web for inspiration on the best way to explain HTML5 and the future of the web without getting too technical, not only did I stumble upon a great explanation, the same explanation was a great example of what HTML5 is!

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