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Jun 3, 2020    Burn Book

The Emerging Tech Startups We’re Having Our Gen Z Team Members Stalk: Part 4


One thing people buy, and have yet to let up in buying, is the emerging technology that is sleek and simplified. People want what feels nice, looks nice, something that creates more ease, something that connects their devices to each other (home to security app, sensor to camera, car charger to solar panel, all to a server you can access on your phone), something that, now that we have all this technology most barely understand, keeps becoming usable in new ways.

People don’t just want WiFi, they want a hotspot in their #vanlife van. They want 5G; they want LongFi. The new ideas don’t stop and the consumer desire doesn’t stop; that’s why the global internet tech industry is hitting $5.2 TRILLION this year.

Startup junkies and entrepreneur spirits have, on one hand, never faced more opportunity, and on the other hand, never faced as much competition. It has never, in the history of tech branding, been more imperative to stand out. And this time, it’s in a much bigger crowd.

Part 4 of ‘Not Sponsored, Just Stalking’

A decade ago, being a business that was “environmentally friendly” was the trend that people-pleased. That does not cut it anymore. If you want to be supported (and more importantly, not condemned) for faulty practices, you must be not only environmentally friendly, but an advocate for the environment, transparent with your practices and sourcing, and listening to ever-progressive generations of buying power.

One way of doing that, turns out, is having your whole expertise and startup geared with a mission toward sustainability and renewable energy – like

To quote Forbes (because I’m not going to lie to you by paraphrasing and try to sound like I’m in the IoT & edge computing industry and not the marketing industry),

Span.IO develops products to enable the rapid adoption of renewable energy and deliver an intuitive interface for the home. They are a group of engineers with a passion for building products that can deliver a positive impact on the environment while enhancing the consumer experience. They believe that developing intelligent hardware and software that provides visibility and control at the edge-of-grid will be transformational to the energy sector. The company is backed by domain experts in energy, software, hardware, and consumer finance. They leverage their teams’ collective experience in power generation, energy conversion, controls, and system integration to develop core products focused on enabling the rapid adoption of renewable energy.”

They have effectively developed an entire interface that does exactly what consumers were calling for without realizing it– staying connected in every direction and circularly while still sticking to a mission of social responsibility.

A Drop in the Ocean

That’s one way (and we love unexpected ways) to stand out among an ocean of competitors. That’s one way of omni-channel and universal solid branding– THE main thing businesses are missing when they go under in that ocean.

So how do you do that when your team, mission, expertise, and products don’t conveniently collide? When you’re a passionate writer who wants to create an app to fight sexual assault? When you’re an HVAC expert that wants to make a new edge computing analytics platform? What about if you’re a person in a coffee shop with napkin sketches for a product, and that’s it?

Well, for one, you’re our favorite kind of people, welcome to the Anti-Template. For two, it sounds like what you need is just smart hiring; you need to bring in experts that connect your idea to its execution. We’re the expert you hire when it comes to execution of marketing, advertising, and most importantly, cohesive brand strategy.

When you can’t just be right off the bat, naturally branded in the way your geographic segment wants, you need expert strategists to execute on content syndication, designing websites, auditing UX, generating leads (on Facebook ads and off), and more.

Luckily, we do that no matter the industry, no matter the trend, no matter the era, no matter the changing landscape and evolving practices. Our case studies speak for themselves.

So when you’re ready, to make your ideas not only heard, but known, profitable, and future-proof, hit us up. It’s what we do. And we didn’t become the top marketing, branding, AND advertising agency in Austin by doing it badly.

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