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Jul 20, 2015    Industry Intrigue

The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising


When we sign on a client who is taking on their first advertising campaign, I get a lot of the same questions – usually about their website. Everybody wants a modern, responsive website and they are important, but the best site in the world won’t help you if you can’t get anyone to visit (not to mention getting the right people to visit). Building a beautiful site and getting qualified people to use it is the difference between a marketing firm and just a design house. That’s how Rock Candy Media is different. We win awards for design, but it’s because our messaging is so strong.

We build amazing websites (true branding & identity work) for the same reason we do anything else – to shorten your sales cycle. Your website, just like your social channels, digital ads and traditional ads are all tools for sales. And, just like your social pages, digital ads and traditional ads, your website should never be static. As part of your campaign, you should constantly be analyzing trends on your site and making changes to ensure you’re always SEO friendly and providing users with engaging, relevant content.

When you’re launching a new product or service, or if your old brand is a little stale, you need more than a flashy website to make a splash. You need a team of dedicated strategists who understand how your business is going to grow, knows where your customers are and knows where to reach them. It also helps if you’re backed by award-winning design and creative that can turn customers on the fence into brand fanatics. That’s what we do, because when our clients succeed, we succeed.


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