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Mar 12, 2012    Uncategorized

Social Tools for Social Fools*


When it comes to social media, there are hundreds of platforms, apps, programs, and sites out there made specifically for gauging posts, feedback, how far a tweet spreads, etc. I recently had demos with three of the biggest social tracking platforms out there; and let me tell you – they mean business. With each one, you are able to enter keywords catered specifically towards the brand you are posting for. Once you have all your keywords entered, you can view a list of influencers and other users using the same keywords. This gives you the chance to scope out the competition and see what words they are and aren’t using. The more uniquely you set yourself apart from everyone else, the more niches you’re bound to set yourself in. Another great thing about seeing a list of influencers is getting to see who is “big” in social media. You can then see what this user is doing to have so many followers and why they are so high-ranking, basically learning tricks of the trade. You might also be given a list of all the social sites they are a part of, keywords they use, followers they have, who they are following, etc. With all this info, you can follow them yourself, see who their top followers/followees are, follow them too, and start getting yourself set upwith the big leagues.

Another cool feature of most of these platforms is getting feedback in real time. This means that you can start tracking a tweet as soon as it’s posted. You can see how many people it reached, how many times it was “retweeted” by followers, how many mentions you get in return, and so on and so forth. This gives you the opportunity to engage specific people who have had some contact with your initial tweet. This can be especially useful during campaigns.

These tools are also complete timesavers! If you’re like me and have more tasks than updating social sites, you can schedule tweets and other updates. This is also especially helpful if you missed a day of work or had some days off coming up. With the ability to schedule posts, you have more time to accomplish other tasks you may have, research for future campaigns, or at least have a short break to relax for a few minutes!

There are so many more great additions that vary from platform to platform and many, if not all of them, offer free demos for those interested. These are a great way to see how things function, and youwill be speaking with a live person – so any questions you have can get answered immediately!


*In no way is this derogatory. I just needed something that rhymed.

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