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Apr 24, 2020    Burn Book

Don’t Microwave Your Business


Shipping is great overnight. Mac & cheese is good enough when it’s microwaved. And lines for the bathroom are better when they’re short-lived. But when it comes to brands and businesses, the opposite couldn’t be more true.

Brands and businesses rarely turn out well when they are created overnight and rushed to completion. And unless you’re a serial entrepreneur who flips businesses, they certainly aren’t better short-lived.

Your brand or business shouldn’t be thought of as some hobby or side project that you just pick up overnight. Sure, you might have an idea one night and begin your journey to manifest that idea the next day, but unless that idea is a tuna casserole or a coloring book, chances are you won’t get it done anytime soon.

And that’s ok.

Just like a mesmerizing piece of artwork or a 12-part symphony, beautiful brands are created over time. We’re not telling you not to ride the momentum you might encounter or pass up an opportunity that presents itself to you. Just do everything cautiously and carefully. Your brand should be treated like your baby.

While the clients and business owners our Austin growth consultancy has encountered share our passion for haste powered by precision, there are a few characters we choose not to work with because of these overnight tendencies. These characters include The Master of None, The Hobbyist, and The Trust Fund Brigade.

The Master of None

Chances are you’ve met a master of none at some point in your lifetime. Whether or not you’re in the digital marketing and advertising industry, they exist all over the place.

These are the people who seem to not be able to choose one passion, one trade, or one business idea. They flip flop back and forth between ideas, failing to carry one out to completion while living under the delusion that each one can be fulfilled overnight.

They might seem very passionate, and there is no doubt that they are, but this doesn’t seem to matter as they go from one pursuit to the next like a bee traveling from flower to flower once the nectar has been tapped.

As you can imagine, when you’re working with one of these masters of none as a digital marketing consultancy, things take a lot longer to progress. We are all about thought exploration and expanding the scope of your company at Rock Candy Media, but you need to go about it methodically.

The Hobbyist

This particular client might be focused on one project, but they aren’t in it for the right reasons. They are doing it more as a side project, not as a passion project. As something fun to do. As a hobby.

This is important because when you’re doing late nights, countless phone calls, missed chances, you’re not going to be having fun, and passion will be the only thing that will get you through it. As a marketing consultancy that had to bite and claw our way to being one of the best in Austin, we know very well what that’s like.

Hobbyists think that their company will still magically form itself even without putting in the necessary leg work. While Rock Candy Media is here to put in the leg work for you, it’s digital marketing and branding leg work that we’re most known for. As much as we’d like to, we can’t manage your entire business for you.

While we try to avoid hobbyists, if you have a side project that you’re now trying to make more legit, then our Austin marketing consultancy can certainly help you out.

Trust Fund Brigade

Whether it was from inheritance, a lazy VC, or any other reason people randomly end up with money, this business owner landed a miracle budget to fund their project.

While most of the time the brands that end up with great funding are usually deserving (as is the reason for the funding), this isn’t always the case. For one reason or another, sometimes doomed companies come up with a great sum of money.

You may think that a lot of money can make any bad idea great, but that is the same mentality that cripples this type of client. They believe that their budget carries so much weight that they can just throw money at a brand design team and get the logo of their dreams delivered to their doorstep the very next day. Money isn’t creating your brand. You are. We need your help to create the brand you’ve been dreaming of as much as we need your money to fund it. Branding and digital marketing is a collaborative effort through and through.

We’ve said in the past that we shouldn’t be your first advertising agency. Because you’ll never realize how different things are when you finally get to a place that treats your money as if it were our own, taking absolute precaution and using absolute precision to make the most of each dollar.

We Don’t Bite

While we don’t intend for this to scare you off from working with our Austin marketing consultancy, we do hope that you as a business owner use this to guide some of your own decisions so you don’t fall into similar patterns.

Owning a business is hard. But building that business and a brand to support it is even harder. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.

If you’re interested in more of a slow-cooked, simmered to perfection kind of brand, rather than a microwaved one, let us know. We’ve got the perfect recipe for cuisines of all types.

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