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Jun 12, 2013    Uncategorized

Shameless Selfies


With the invention of the camera-phone, the selfie was born. You may have started out with an innocent snap of a new haircut or sweet mustache you finally managed to grow and wanted to share it with a good friend. The next thing you know, you moved to the bathroom mirror taking a full body shot. Desperately looking for the perfect angel to avoid flashing out your face. We are all guilty of it!

Unfortunately, selfies have evolved with the reverse-view technology and photoshop options just a finger tap away. It’s easier than ever before to snap a not so sexy duck face and post it straight to Facebook without thinking. To clarify, there is nothing sexy about a picture of you in a dirty bathroom stall with bad lighting! All of the extra bright lipstick or accessories makes this kind of selfie okay. Our favorite train-wreck celebrities do it all of the time setting a bad example. Rihanna, do you really walk around your house in tiny panties, a cut off shirt, gold chain, and an unlit cigarette hanging out of your mouth? Or Justin Beiber, do you always lye on a bed with no shirt and giant head phones dreaming of ponies and rainbows? Just because celebrities do, doesn’t make it okay!

I beg of you, please stop the insanity! Guys it is not okay to meet a girl at a bar and text her the next day a selfie in your bathroom wearing a big chain cross with no shirt posed perfectly in front of your pull-ups bar. I get it, you workout. We all have good hair days and we all have bathrooms. That doesn’t mean you need to share it on every social outlet known to man. Be wise with your selfies people!

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