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Jan 15, 2016    Good Company

Selling Out


As a content strategist, the world of sales has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I communicate best through writing, and get uncomfortable having “brass tacks” conversations in real life. Unfortunately for me, when I moved to Austin to start working at Rock Candy Media, I was told that RCM is a sales-focused agency. My heart started racing at the thought of a Glengarry Glen Ross pressure cooker.

I quickly realized that being a sales-focused agency wasn’t so much about me selling RCM, as much as it is us selling our clients. Because Annie (the RCM owner) comes from a sales background, she instills in us the value of generating leads, shortening the sales cycle and making you money.

Annie likes to tell the story of how she founded RCM. She used to be in sales and was, apparently, quite good at it. She eventually realized that the best thing she could sell wasn’t any product, but the fact that she seriously gives a sh*t. Soon after that realization, Rock Candy Media was born in a pool house. Seven years later, we’re in our own office, with a brilliant staff and a stable of awesome clients. The reason for that growth? Business Development.

I truly think that this focus on biz dev is what makes RCM so unique. Lots of advertising agencies are stocked with creative types (or even “advertising” types) who don’t understand what it takes to run a business. When you meet with RCM you meet with the entire team, which means we all get to know you personally and that gives us a personal stake in your sales success. Because our squad is so tight knit, RCM is always shooting straight with you, because as a small business ourselves, we understand the margins that small business owners are working with.

It’s this personal connection and shared experience that makes us the best advertising agency in Austin. We understand your needs, fears and goals – and we understand how to get you where you want to be, because we’ve already done it ourselves.

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