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Jan 27, 2014    Uncategorized

Scalability is overrated.


For those of you in remedial business class, that’s the ability of a company to go from small to large scale operations while still maintaining your business’s standards.

I have never attended a CEO networking event, but I imagine topics range from “how to make your company scalable” to “implement procedures to improve scalability.” It’s a hot button issue, a buzzword that gets tossed around like a soon-to-be special needs baby, and it’s all over a great thing to be.

I’ll be honest. This used to keep me up at night. I couldn’t wrap my head around any of our deliverables being scalable in any way. Essentially you have to decide if what you offer can be mass-marketed. And since I hate 99.99% of social media, I decided to embrace the fact that my company will never be scalable.

And I’m fine with that.

The key note in scalability is that you HAVE to maintain the quality of your company’s deliverables. If deliverables are 100% different on a day-to-day basis and you happen to also make your clients money, you’re doing something right. If your deliverables are not tangible, they probably aren’t scalable. If, for some reason, quality slips, or shifts while you’re growing, guess what. You’re not scalable. And in my case, how would I even begin to scale any one of the 15 guerrilla marketing campaigns we have to come up with every month?

As much as I’d love to have loads of offices abroad (Milan, HELLO), it’s just not something I can do. What’s the point of having a mega company if your work sucks? Can I really sell my soul with the price of having to use the phrase ‘Expect the Unexpected?’.

The short answer is NO. The long answer is wordy and profane.

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