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Sep 13, 2017    Good Company

Not Your Side Chick


Imagine buying yourself an entirely new wardrobe of clothes, a complete fresh start in outfits you feel awesome in. You’re outwardly expressing a fresher, better, genuine version of yourself. Now imagine you went to all that effort but never changed your shoes, or your hair?

Apply this metaphor to your business’ marketing strategy. Some of our clients initially say they only need a website redesign or maybe just someone to help them navigate Google AdWords. But here’s the thing. A brand, YOUR brand, isn’t just a collection of bits and pieces. It is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s an ecosystem. That’s why Rock Candy Media wants to be your full service agency—not your side chick marketing agency who’s only there for you once in awhile for one-off projects.

Some marketing agencies offer project-based pricing, which can seem tempting to clients who just want to check things off an existing list. But the danger with project-based fees is that your milestones trickle in over a protracted timeline instead of hitting the ground running with a fully formed strategy, a fully staffed team, and the wind at your back.

We know from experience that you will love the global, cohesive strategy RCM uses that gives your business full access to everyone in our brain trust. Using a retainer model, we get all the elements in your marketing ecosystem thriving in harmony and on schedule. Not only have we’ve determined that the retainer model is the best way to give amazing value to our clients while keeping a roof over our heads, but also, we just wanna be your main girl.

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