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Mar 3, 2020    Burn Book

How to Foster Creativity in a Dying Brand


It’s hard to admit when things are going wrong, especially when it has to do with your company. Your brand is something you’ve built yourself, something you’ve developed a very personal and emotional relationship with. Affirming that you’ve reached a dead-end or a standstill is a realization that swings right back around like a tetherball nailing you in the gut.

But if you’re a responsible business owner and one that still believes in the untapped potential of your brand, then you should be brave enough to realize when enough is enough and a new direction is required. If you’re able to come to this realization and admit that things have taken a turn for the worst, you’ve gotten past the hardest part of the readjustment process. But what you do next is just as important.

The following are a couple of ways to rejuvenate the energy and creativity back into your brand.

Flush the System

Sometimes a loss in creativity isn’t as much an environmental issue as much as it is a circumstantial issue. In other words, it’s not the creativity that’s been lost, it’s the creators.

While mass layoffs are never a pleasant experience, sometimes it is necessary. However, we recommend taking a very close look at the creatives on your team and everything they’ve done before swinging the ax.

Yes, this is a pretty extreme option, but when you need to breathe life back into your growth agency or creative collective, sometimes heads need to roll.

Break Patterns

You know when you say the same word over and over again it loses its meaning? The same goes for creative patterns and processes. When you keep doing the same thing over and over again, it loses its potency.

While this seems obvious, creatives often become lost in their own ideation patterns and over-reliant on the ways in which they inspire creativity. It’s their favorite tree that they like to write under. It’s the particular way they brew their coffee and toast their bread that gets them in the mindset to produce great ideas.

While these seem very minor and unimportant to the overall creative process, they have more of an impact than you might think. Creatives are very peculiar in the ways that they think and ideate. So you should never be afraid of changing things up to break into a new mindset or way of thinking.

In other words, when the well runs dry you can either die of thirst or find a new watering hole to quench your creative cravings.

Partner with a Growth Agency

Just how a craftsman’s work is enhanced via their tools, the same goes for a company and the media or advertising agency they choose to work with. Taking creative and marketing responsibilities outside of your company should feel like a new opportunity to create, not like you’re giving something up.

Our intentions at Rock Candy Media are to help you do what it is you love to do. Instead of dealing with Facebook campaigns or SEO initiatives, you spend more time creating hand made tiles or treating patients for urologic conditions. Because let’s face it, you didn’t dedicate your life to building your brand to spend half your days lost in Google Analytics.

So if you’re ready to get your brand or company back on the path to success, and get back to doing what it is you love to do, let us know. We love branding and marketing, but we love it even more when it results in the growth and proliferation of what you love to do.

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