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Mar 27, 2020    Burn Book

Red Bull & Calming Tea Go Down Smooth Here


You want rebellious creativity for your brand?

Pick an agency where the CEO invokes and requires rebellious creativity in everything she does and everyone who works for her — right down to her Chrome browsing theme.

Yeah – our CEO, Annie Liao Jones, doesn’t just go into client meetings and sales pitches with a script or template that worked the last time. She goes in, neck-deep in caffeine and running on a super solid 5 hours of sleep, to show you exactly:

— what she thinks of your business,

— where you’re going wrong in integrated marketing, branding, and identity,

— and her unfiltered thoughts and ideas of how to put you on a better track to success.

The Queen of Double-Fisting Red Bull & Calming Tea

Think of Rock Candy Media in Austin as the person who walks into work with red bull in one hand and stress relieving tea in the other. A little non-traditional, yes, but wildly productive, creative, and rebellious with the past case studies to back up the method.

From bottoming-out bounce rates for an edge computing startup, to capturing the heart behind an artisan’s custom clay tile business, we specialize in putting your vision at the top of our priorities, and your ROI at the top of the market.

And that’s usually what’s missing when businesses go under, no matter how much effort you put behind marketing matters— the core identity. Left and right we see businesses shoveling money into Facebook ads to generate leads, site revamps, and digital marketing trends you can see anywhere just by Googling it. Yet they are missing their identity: the story behind WHY they do what they do. They focus too much on the What (the product) and the How (the production).

Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

How humans must first, at the base of the pyramid, have the physiological means to survive. Beyond that, you need safety. Only after those two can you achieve love and belonging, then esteem, then self-actualization.

Your business’ Why is the base of the pyramid. Without it, nothing you do up top will matter. Without a strong core identity of who you are and the story behind your brand, even the biggest and most amazing marketing tactics will fall flat because your talk doesn’t match up with your walk. The pull to buy isn’t strong enough because, for example, people don’t want TikTok for the filming technology, they want the community. Apple doesn’t sell Macs by talking all about the screen size and processing power, they show an artist taking her MacBook Air to coffee shops and drawing people. Coke doesn’t talk about how much caffeine or sugar is in a bottle, they show a girl on a beach having the time of her life.

Because at the core of TikTok’s brand is connecting with people anywhere. The core of Apple’s brand is making people’s lives more convenient through innovative technology. The core of Coca Cola’s brand is “Taste the Feeling.”

Your brand has a core, and it probably starts with you. That’s why we think your best shot to digging deep and building your pyramid starts with us, and in a room with Annie. You bring the ideas and the passion; she’ll bring the passion and the drinks.

Let Your Curiosity Take Control