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Mar 19, 2020    Burn Book

It’s a Pivot, Not a Rebrand: The Subtle Change Your Brand Needs


As a business owner, there comes a time where you may realize there needs to be a change. But the most important question comes when you ask yourself what kind of change needs to be made.

Is it a small change, like firing Craig for watching too much anime at his desk? Or is it a big change, like moving your Austin tech company to somewhere like San Francisco? Depending on what kind of industry you’re in and the particular scenario you’re trying to work out, there may be the need for several changes, or, just one.

While we can’t really advise you on the intricacies of your actual business, as a growth agency, we can advise you on the intricacies of how to brand your business. And when it becomes necessary, how to change that brand.

What Is a Rebrand

When you think of the word “rebrand”, there are a couple of things that may come to mind. The first thing you might think of is a new logo, or maybe a new website. But depending on the extent of your knowledge surrounding branding and what a rebrand actually consists of, you’ll know it goes far beyond a new logo or website.

As part of a rebrand, digital advertising agencies, including our own, equip your company with a new way of living, thinking, and interacting with customers and the environment surrounding it. Yes, odds are you will get a new logo, website, and brand design, but you get so much more than that as well. With every new brand comes a new message — a new purpose to exist and continue providing the product or service you’ve committed your life to further.

While “extreme” is a harsh word, rebranding is a big step and a pretty considerable adjustment to your company. This being the case, it’s important that you take the right steps to determine whether or not a rebrand is absolutely necessary. Luckily, you’re not on your own since this is something we do on the regular with what we call a brand marketing analysis.

During these brand audits we do several things, including analyzing the landscape your company exists in and the competitors you’re facing, the pattern or trends your brand has been experiencing, what you as a business owner want, and so much more.

At the end of these audits, we do usually find that a rebrand is necessary. Most of the companies that come through our doors already know that they need one. But other times, through discussion and analysis with business owners, we find that it’s not an entire rebrand that they need, but a pivot.

It’s a Pivot, Not a Rebrand

While a pivot may include attributes similar to that of a rebrand, it isn’t as major nor as expensive as an entire rebrand. When our growth agency determines a brand pivot is necessary, there are many things that we could be pointing to. And considering we are a digital marketing agency, these pivots will most commonly take place digitally.

While there are an incredible amount of strategic marketing pivots we’ve used, some of them include the way you aggregate traffic and your digital presence.

Traffic Aggregation

Sometimes we’ll find that a company is having no problem getting click-throughs, acquiring traffic, and driving people to their website. But once the customer gets there, they aren’t crossing the finish line. In other words, they aren’t converting. Not submitting contact forms or buying product.

Through careful web examinations and UX/UI analyses, we end up finding out what the particular problem was in the customer’s purchase path. Whether it was confusing navigation, a distasteful design, or even a broken buy button, our measures go in-depth to find a solution.

When you’re faced with the reverse side of this problem, where you don’t even have any traffic coming in to be worried about converting, we look towards your digital presence and the ways in which you’re promoting yourself.

Digital Presence

Your digital presence could mean a lot of things. It could be your tone and voice in content that you put out, including everything from social post updates to blog content. It could be how much content you put out, and of what. Or, it could even be where you put content and when you put it out. So think of digital presence as a who, what, where, when, why, and how of everything your company does or portrays online.

When we take a look at these characteristics of your online and digital presence, through our varied methods, we are able to determine where the weaknesses lie and how to mitigate them, and where your strengths are and how to amplify them.

Our experience as digital marketers has shown us every nook and cranny of digital positioning. So rest assured that your problems most likely aren’t unfamiliar territory. One way or another, we will find a way to give your brand the digital facelift it needs to start building momentum and closing leads.

We’re Waiting for You

Pivots are still being made up. New problems create new solutions. So until we encounter more unique problems, which we warmly welcome, those strategy innovations will remain unearthed.

Got a problem that you need solved? Don’t know exactly what that problem is? Come get a digital diagnosis and reposition yourself towards the path to greatness.

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