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Apr 15, 2016    Good Company

RCM First Timers: Tamara


RCM First Timer is the real, unfiltered perspective on what it’s like to work at RCM from our newest full time employees – a peak behind the curtain at Austin’s best advertising agency. RCM employees describe their work in their own words. 

First up is Tamara, our office manager. 

Working at a marketing firm? Everyone said, “Really, you want to work with all those high maintenance creative types?”

Problem is, I’m in love with creativity of any type – musical, writing, reading, adventuring, traveling, skiing…

 By day two, I am hopelessly behind – learning and messing up protocols and applications, as well as juggling a million details…

But this is different, I really didn’t know coolness like this existed. Since the dotcom times in Seattle, and Switzerland, I haven’t seen such fun!

Energy is palpable here –  I feel free to be myself, within the context of frantically working to meet a deadline (yes, it’s a little early to be frenzied).

Almost expecting to be able to order lattes and bagels, and get my dry cleaning delivered here at the office – okay, we’re not quite Seattle (or Dubai) yet.

We are definitely deadline driven; my boss sets a blistering pace. Looking out to a tranquil scene in the “greenest” city in Texas, the laid-back atmosphere belies the amount of projects being simultaneously beaten down.

No, there’s not a mountain range on both sides of the city, or coffee shops on every corner, but, for Austin, this place is quite bad-ass. I think I’ll stay…

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