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Dec 19, 2016    RCM First Timers

RCM First Timers: 21st Century Peggy Olson


I was in high school when Peggy Olson from Mad Men did a number on me. She was smart, driven and so career oriented that she didn’t know she was pregnant until she had the baby. While I was watching her redefine the advertising agency she worked for, I wanted to be like her. She was creative and knew what the client wanted. She didn’t ask what a client wanted, she knew what they needed and delivered exponentially.

While looking for a job after graduation, I wanted two things from my new employer:

I wanted somewhere where it’s acceptable to want to learn about all facets of the industry.

I wanted a work environment that was catered to creativity.

I had previously worked in a political marketing firm where creativity was bogged down by a demeaning and irrational boss. Constant twitter schedules and fundraising emails never saw approval. I didn’t want to be in a work environment where all our work was lost in meaningless tweets and obsession with fundraising email schedules.

Then, Donald from Rock Candy Media came to my rescue. He vouched for me and now I have a job where I am appreciated for my hard work. We don’t have meaningless social media schedules. We don’t try to beat each other out like other firms. Rock Candy Media is a place where I am excited to go to work. I’m excited to tell our clients how their businesses are growing.

Rock Candy Media is all about building on each other. Everyone wants to learn from each other and do what is best for the client. I love that about RCM.

Thank god I found the perfect first job for after college!

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