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Aug 21, 2018    Burn Book

Puke, Tears, or Other Bodily Fluids


When an ornithologist goes outside they can immediately tell if a bird is hungry, happy, or horny. When we go outside, we can immediately tell if an advert is 💩, sorry, or downright stupid. And most of the time, they are all three.

As an Austin marketing agency, working in this industry has taught us to analyze everything in great detail, whether it’s a picture, a sound byte, or a PR stunt like PT Barnum wheeling a troupe of elephants over the Brooklyn bridge (now that’s what I call structural engineering). But even though there are so many different ways and resources that internet marketing agencies can utilize to create their messages, so few of them do. And so we are left with decision makers who believe ad spend should be allocated to reality tv stars and monotonous taglines that make you wonder if Soviet Russia is at the forefront of our industry. Spoiler alert – they’re not.

As one of the most innovative advertising agencies in Austin, we try to look at everything through a particular kind of lense. Even though that filter is probably sparkle painted and looking out onto some sort of graphic representation of our sexually repressed thoughts, it always tends to lead us to fantastic work that initially might frighten clients, but eventually excites and thrills them. But hey, things that scare you tend to be some of the most exciting experiences. Here are some examples: Roller coasters, exotic food, running into your ex on tequila Tuesday, chili cheese chimichangas during long road trips, to name a few.

It’s through all of our work, whether it be in content writing or any variation of internet marketing, that we attempt to capture these emotions and channel a brand’s message into a representation of their crazy, passionate, and empowering lives. And that’s why we don’t care if we bother people with our unique and sometimes judgemental perspectives. It’s why “puke, tears, or other bodily fluids” tend to be our metrics of success. And it’s why we think of ourselves as a creative embodiment of the clients we feel so privileged to work with, rather than just another internet marketing agency.

So at this point, if you have not yet called FCC or thrown your computer out the window, drop us a line. We might just be able to give your brand the perfect level of weirdness that it needs.

Let Your Curiosity Take Control