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Sep 14, 2015    Good Company

Professional on the Street, Freak in the Boardroom


At Rock Candy Media, we’re not afraid to be ourselves. We’re fun, spontaneous and creative, while also being diligent, analytical and impossible to please. You can’t have good creative without discipline, but discipline without fun kills the creative process. It’s the constant tension of life in the advertising business. How do you put in 10-hour days for your clients while still keeping up the level of innovation that they expect?

The key is making sure that those 10 hours are spent in an atmosphere that fosters fun and imagination. We may be hunched over computers with back-pain relief remedies all over our bodies, but we’re always bouncing ideas off of each other and thinking of new ways to do things. It’s like combining an artist’s collective with a corporate meeting.

The synthesis of the street and the skyscraper carries through in our campaigns. For every international press release we send to Hong Kong, we’re also hitting the not-so-obvious blogs and forums, or designing four different call-to-action buttons to see which ones convert. For us, everything is advertising. Any chance we have to talk up our clients, we’re going to take. If you want your brand to take off, you need someone who speaks your language and the language of every one of your potential customers.

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