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May 20, 2014    Burn Book

Please BuzzFeed, tell me who I am!


We have all seen the posts on Facebook, they seemed to have popped out of nowhere. Some of your friends do multiple of these a day and you think, “Wow they must have nothing else better to do.” Then all of a sudden you find yourself doing multiple of these while you are at work, sitting at dinner with friends or even sometimes sitting in traffic. Behold the BuzzFeed quizzes.

I got I am Leslie from Parks and Recreation with a blue aura and thankfully I found out I am not so basic.  Based on the below set of 20 questions I can find out what city I am supposed to live in, what job I am supposed to have and who I should be dating. That is, unless you just took the “How single are you” quiz and come to find out you should really avoid the dating scene and delete your Tinder. Instead of taking life day by day and learning from my experiences I now have BuzzFeed to tell me who I am. It actually makes life a lot easier because now I can see how much I would enjoy Coachella or how hard I brunch without actually doing these things.

Incase comparing myself to a Game of Throne’s character is not enough, I can find out what I am sick of hearing and what my opinion is based off of articles such as “What every Italian thinks of spaghetti” or “How Catholic are you actually”. Sometimes you just really need a reminder of what you believe in. Let’s say you are not sure who you are and you finish your quiz about which 80’s pop star you are the most like and it turns out you are the most like Tina Turner but you were really hoping to get Madonna, have no fear! Just press back and you can hit the redo button.

All jokes aside, why are we all so obsessed with these quizzes? It really makes you wonder how far social media is soaking into our brains as we sit there taking a quiz about a show we have never seen. This whole concept is completely changing how we do things. I was reading an article about an educational learning environment where teachers do not tell the students important dates anymore because they can just look it up on Google but rather teach the students more of the concept. This theory suggests that the students can ultimately obtain more information if we just take out the dates. Could it be that instead of having personal experiences we can now just rely on BuzzFeed to tell me my interests and what hobbies I should take up ? Instead of wasting my time watching a show I would not like or not taking up a certain activity because I would be bad at it I can just take a quiz that is surely less time and be more efficient with my time. Or could it help me change my current behaviors? If I got “ You are the whitest person ever”, should I consider laying off the music festivals and stop using #whitepeopleproblems ?

Could it be that the BuzzFeed quiz is the best thing to ever happen or is it contributing to obesity ?

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