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Jan 27, 2020    Burn Book

The Secret Sauce of Personalized Storytelling


When you think about how you can tell a story, there are a lot of methods you need to take into consideration. You could start with the ending, then circle back to the beginning. You could jump around to different spots in time, Quentin Tarantino style. Or, instead of thinking of the plot, you could think about the person. Your eager yet unprovoked viewers impatiently laying on the couch, sitting at the movies, or thumbing through their Instagram feed.

If you start paying more attention to your viewer, the actual audience who watches your movies or consumes your content, you might just be able to strike a chord you never thought possible. But how does your personalized marketing agency go about constructing a pitch-perfect storyline that positively resonates with your audience? It starts with getting to know them.

Understanding Your Audience

There are several ways your personalized marketing agency can start to get to know audiences a little better. The first thing you will probably think of is data and analytics. Taking a look at the numbers and codes developed to get a better picture of what your audience is like. Data has and continues to be a vessel for branding and marketing agencies to learn more about their consumers. But even with the innovations in data analytics and measuring tools, the information you get only goes so far.

To really understand an audience, we at Rock Candy Media feel that you need to be in the thick of it. As an agency branded the Anti-Template, we are always looking for new and exploratory ways to expand our advertising and personalized marketing capabilities — including the ways in which we conduct consumer research.

Sure, we use a bevy of analytics tools and digital research mechanisms to better gauge our audiences, but it doesn’t stop there. You see, the employees at Rock Candy Media are much more than original designers, intuitive writers, and gifted developers – they’re real-life people. And as real-life people, they are encouraged to go seek out real-life experiences. Real-life experiences that offer a better glimpse at the personalized marketing content we develop for brands and companies.

It wouldn’t be uncommon to see some of our staff in unusual stores, just to get a read on the customer-thought process in certain brick-and-mortar locations. Or, to hear one of our creatives listening to an entirely different type of music to better understand a certain type of audience better.

In the end, it’s all about expanding your horizons to better understand human beings and there odd, curious, and random nature. Once you develop that understanding, only then can you begin telling your story.

Creating a Personalized Marketing Narrative

Hopefully, the employees at your personalized marketing agency did enough in-field research that they know the most potent ways in which to reach customers. The designers know the types of graphics to create that will grab the viewer’s attention the strongest. The writers know how to draft copy that will stick with the reader. The SMM and SEO team know the phrases and words that people are thinking of and asking. And the developers know how to generate a landing page that people won’t be able to click out of.

If each team member is able to use their skills in an intuitive manner that includes the information they gained about customers, you will be able to tell a potent personalized marketing narrative for your audience that makes them buy products and follow brands. The most important thing you have to consider about writing and telling this story is not to force it.

In order to create a strong advertising message, it has to feel relaxed, and all-natural. Because the moment your customer realizes your telling a marketing and branding story, rather than just a normal personalized story, is the moment they realize you’re trying to sell them and the moment you lose them forever. It has to come off with ease. With complete fluidity and precise execution. That’s why your personalized marketing team needs to conduct the in-field research described above on a regular basis. So they develop a natural and organic mindset surrounding audiences that comes off with ease. If they are digging and searching for personalized elements the content will feel forced, and you’ll scare off your customers.

So remember, repetition breeds fluidity, fluidity leads to natural content, natural content leads to personalized influences, and personalized influences lead to sales and consumer retention.

Tying It All Together

If you think your brand or audience needs a more personalized approach, then let’s sit down and have a conversation. The ways in which you can create a message that resonates with customers on a whole other level are endless. And the ways in which we can help you do that are just as boundless.

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