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Sep 21, 2019    Burn Book

Is Your Performance Marketing Agency Really Performing?


Digital advertising and marketing strategies can get complicated. Especially when you start dealing with SEO algorithms and complicated UX designs. But that doesn’t mean that your performance marketing agency shouldn’t take the time to explain to you what their integrated plan consists of and how it all goes down.

It’s one thing if you hire a growth marketing consultant because you don’t want to deal with marketing jargon and the intricacies of digital strategies. But we recommend that you at least familiarize yourself with some of what your performance marketing agency does and what you’re actually spending money on. Because if not, how do you know if they’re actually performing?

The Sneaky Mechanic

Everyone knows the scenario of the scumbag mechanic who takes advantage of your lack of knowledge and charges you for things you don’t need. But let’s face it, unless you’re into cars and engineering, you’re not going to spend time researching and figuring out if what your mechanic is telling you is actually legit.

But what’s different about the integrated strategies at our performance marketing agency is that we make them exciting, with flare on everything we do. Growth consulting is an art form that takes a lot of creativity and an ability to make complicated ideas simple. So before we begin executing any kind of marketing strategy we make sure you understand its components.

Killer Performance Indicators

If your performance marketing agency doesn’t provide you with specific KPIs (key performance indicators) with every digital strategy they provide, you should raise some flags. The breakdown needs to be as specific as the process, and the process needs to be as specific as the goals themselves. But even more importantly, you need to be able to properly gauge if the KPIs your agency is giving you are legit and accurately reflect the work being done.

If you’re not sure how a particular analytics program works, ask about it. If you don’t know what some 5 letter abbreviation stands for, ask. Your performance marketing agency shouldn’t throw a bunch of lingo at you to try to impress you. They should impress you by what they consider a KPI, what they consider a significant gain, and how well they obtain it.

One thing we ask every client during our brand positioning analysis is what metrics you want to gauge us on. What, in your mind, constitutes an accomplishment that you hired our growth consultancy for.

Keep Pushing

As a client, you should always be challenging your agency to keep surpassing the threshold. To continue creating new goals and capturing them. It’s the way we roll here at Rock Candy Media, and it’s a lifestyle that has helped us grow as an agency and get to where we are today. And it’s all thanks to our clients.

Interested in becoming one of them? Let’s have a talk.

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