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Aug 15, 2018    Burn Book

People Don’t Believe Our Boss Exists, Part 7


Maximilian Vanegas – Content Strategist

I’ve never met someone who could make me feel inspired, slightly frightened, almost ready to puke, and very curious all in one breath. But it’s one of the reasons our Austin ad agency is so exciting.

There is no way to describe all the different bosses in the world. Not on a list. Not on a blog. It isn’t possible. Nor is it possible to accurately describe the fathoms of Annie Liao Jones’ sick, twisted, and incredibly creative mind. As the founder of Austin advertising agency Rock Candy Media, there aren’t any uncharted areas of conversation for Annie, whether it’s social media marketing or the ancient Hindu practice of Tantric Sex.

If you were going to meet her, I would advise you to stay on your toes, but it’s kind of hard to prepare for an open discussion on your favorite porn categories. On your first day of work. Two hours after meeting everyone. But in all honesty, Annie may have found the perfect icebreaker to help “initiate” new employees. Not to mention the flattering wallpaper on my desktop which my new coworkers generously devoted time to.

What I realized on that first day was that I was going to be surrounded by a group of individuals who really enjoyed being a part of an Austin creative agency and that in order to come up with great ideas sometimes things need to get a little weird. Or very weird. Like 4 am in an underground opium den weird.

While the recesses of hazy, dim lit caves may be a final option, we tend to find inspiration from the energetic presence of an unpredictable and incredibly driven individual that we call our boss, Annie Liao Jones.

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