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Aug 10, 2018    Good Company

People Don’t Believe Our Boss Exists, Part 6


Cooper Wildeson – Digital Account Manager

I think everyone feels a combination of anxious excitement when entering their new job. Few people know what to realistically expect and it often takes time to adjust to the new environment you have suddenly plunged into. And while this period of adjustment can often be described as post-college kids needing to, “get their act together” or, “act like an adult”, (whatever that means), it’s not like that at RCM and I’ll give you one reason. Annie. Liao. Jones. Here you get a fresh wakeup call in the form of a fire under your ass to be yourself, Annie doesn’t have time for phonies, and her firecracker attitude (which is a drastic understatement) and refusal to shy away from any topic helps you feel at home, if of course you talk about everything from serial killer sex scenes to school kids on psychedelics at your own home. She laughs like a lunatic, talks like a lunatic, acts like a lunatic, but is actually one of the smartest business owners I’ve come across in my entire life. Either way, there’s no faking it, and nothing is really off limits when it comes to getting to the truth of the work around here, so you better not shy away from an in-depth conversation about weird looking dicks, butt-chugging, or anything that would make your mother cringe. And I guess that is what makes all these people, and this company, unique. Everyone is an individual looking to bring out the best and weirdest in each other, all drinking the proverbial kool-aid and charisma that Annie is always ready to supply.

– Coop

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