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Jun 29, 2018    Good Company

People Don’t Believe Our Boss Exists, Part 5


If you were ever to sit down with an Oompa Loompa and interviewed them about all the quirky and crazy things they’ve witnessed Mr. Wonka do, then it would probably sound a little something like this series we’ve been doing. If you’re late to the party, fill yourself in.

Here at Rock Candy Media, we’re no stranger to oddities and weirdness, and it’s most likely because of our captain, Annie Liao Jones. Even though we’re not mysteriously creating chocolate recipes in a giant factory, we are still a creative agency and can be just as weird. Maybe that says something about creative people…oh well, who cares.

So to celebrate Annie’s “uniqueness”, we’ve dedicated a series that lets new hires talk about their first impression of our lord and commander. (Doompa dee do!)

Vandal Novacek – Graphic Designer

Our world really needs a big slap in the face, and RCM and Annie is here to do it. I have read and heard of past and current experiences working here but I had no idea of what I was walking into. Annie knows how to communicate exactly what she wants even if that means bringing up ass holes (yes the actual hole, not people). What makes it weird is she apologises for it even though I feel it is the norm around here. What does ‘weird’ even mean? Maybe you are weird because you are not real like Annie. So far, I have thought to myself: Who needs music melting in your ears when there is spicy entertainment radiating throughout the workspace.

— Vandal, What’s your special sauce?

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