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Jun 6, 2018    From the CEO

People Don’t Believe Our Boss Exists, Part 4


If you haven’t heard about our boss and need to catch up you can find an introduction here. Long story short, our boss is overwhelmingly passionate about her advertising agency and her employees. Sometimes we have a hard time explaining her to people who have worked in other advertising and media companies so we ask new hires to give us their first take.

Peep what our newest addition to the team had to say when asked about her thoughts on our extraordinary boss lady.

Stephanie Christoffers – Chief Operations Manager
When asked what I thought about Annie this came to mind:

Boss lady (baaws LAY-dee)

A woman who goes fiercely after what she wants, who knows building one of the top ad agencies in Austin is as important as building a life, a woman who has the balls to push and cheer on other boss ladies.
-Some urban dictionary

I wish I could say I knew a lot of these, I wish I could say the world was full of them but that would be a lie and I am terrible at two things, mathematics and lying. Annie is weird. She’s weird because she is so real, like in your face real, better not fucking lie to her real because she will cuss you out and kick you outta the house real. If that type of honesty and straightforwardness isn’t sweet music to your ears then pull up your panties and go back home, I hear culinary school is cool. Are we raising a society of wussies? Maybe, but I stick to fur babies so whatever. And yeah, it’s intense, like stab yourself in the leg with scissors to alleviate the stress intense, but things that are easy are boring. I love her ‘take no shit’ attitude’, whether an employee or a client, go ahead and act out, just don’t act up.

Annie is also weird because I never see her eat, and I mean, who doesn’t love to eat. I think I saw her eat some crackers once but only aliens can live on diet Pepsi and aloe water. So, beam me up Annie, I’m ready!

“Damn it feels good to be a gangsta,” finally.

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