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Jan 11, 2018    From the CEO

People Don’t Believe Our Boss Exists, Part 2


Want the full intro to what this is about? Check part one here. The TL;DR is this: our boss is a (slightly) crazy person who is so ridiculously passionate about her job that sometimes she expresses herself in ways that might, maybe make her existence hard for some to believe.

Sometimes even her own employees need a minute. We get used to it though. (Mostly.)

Nick Gaudio
Annie hired me and then on Day 1 promoted me, citing her ability to read people (and honestly, being right in her assessment if I may say so myself). I just hope that she doesn’t meet people on Craiglist with the same trust. You know, for her own safety.  She’s gotta be nuts — and honestly, a genius — to see that in me so quickly. The truth is, I don’t even know English.

Steve Starnes
On day one I couldn’t tell if Annie had some type of mental disorder or what. I’m not a doctor but my ex-wife is certified crazy, so I know a thing or two about it. Annie went from laughs, screaming and cussing, to tears, then right back to laughing. Turns out she wasn’t mental, just passionate as fuck about what she does. So passionate she owns it in a way no one else could do, unfiltered and in your face. I’ve never met somebody who expresses their love and passion with such impressive vulgarity and swearing. It’s magnificent.

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