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May 6, 2020    Burn Book

People Don’t Believe My Boss Exists, Part 18


If you work remotely, you probably don’t get the chance to interact with your boss that much. Especially if you don’t work in a very hands-on industry like branding and digital marketing.

But this isn’t the case at Rock Candy Media, Austin advertising firm.

If you work for Annie Jones, and if you work for Rock Candy Media, you will know very well who your employer is and how she feels about you. Even if you work remotely.

If she doesn’t like you, you probably won’t make it to see much of her insanity.

But if she does like you, and what you provide for her marketing company, you will probably end up sticking around for a while and seeing the absolute madness that has bred one of the top growth consultancies in Austin, Texas.

Press Play

Besides the fact that she is constantly getting press, with a recent piece published in Forbes, Annie is constantly making her presence felt.

The revisions she will give you on a piece of work will certainly not be censored, so don’t expect any sugar-coating. When something is just OK, you’re going to get ripped apart. Because “just OK” isn’t the kind of content that led to Rock Candy Media being named one of the best marketing agencies in Austin by Clutch Co. multiple years in a row.

And when you write content that is crap…well, let’s just say you don’t want to write content that is crap.

While this took some time to get used to, I feel fortunate to have an employer that holds me at such a high level. If she didn’t, I really doubt I would have grown much over the couple of years I’ve been working for her Austin digital marketing agency.

When Props Are Due

Just because she can be a stern critic, doesn’t mean Annie doesn’t know when to give props when props are due.

In fact, she will tell you when you do something great with the same force and exertion that she uses when she tells you you’ve done something horribly wrong. Which is what makes a great boss and creative director.

But at the end of the day, Annie is so much more than just a boss.

Beyond the Desk

Guidance and creative inspiration aside, there are a couple of things about Annie that make her more than a boss to the people she employs. One of which includes the way she treats you as a friend rather than just an employee.

Very rarely will a boss call you just to say what’s up, or to tell you a funny story about something dumb she saw that might kill your hope in humanity but restores your faith in comedic relief.

It’s even more hilarious when I get off these phone calls and my friends ask me who I was on the phone with. To which I tell them my boss, which leaves them absolutely shocked that I would talk about stuff like that with my boss.

And you know what?

It reminds me of how thankful I am that I don’t work in corporate America. That I can interact with my coworkers and employer like the actual people we are rather than artificial roles that others conjure up for 9-5 death jobs. I mean desk jobs.

Salsa Picante

At the end of the day, Annie’s spice might have a little bit too much kick for some people to handle. And that’s a good thing, as it helps weed out the ones who will last at Rock Candy Media and the ones who won’t.

So if you’re going to come knocking on her door, whether it’s for business, an interview, a job, or whatever it might be, know that what you’re walking into is something you probably haven’t seen before. And most likely, something you won’t ever see again.

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