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Sep 16, 2019    Finance

Our Fantasy Leagues Actually Come to Life for Our Clients


Monday night football got you distracted?

As it turns out, as a top advertising agency in Austin, how Rock Candy Media markets our clients and revitalizes their ROI is a lot like football. What we specialize in? Everything you see in those wide angle shots that show everyone on the field. You’re in tunnel vision, and we know how to get you out.

Businesses and brands get one thing right: they have to have high sales numbers to stay alive. The CEO and finance team and sales team all have their eye on the endzone, and they know they need to get there.

They need to get past their competitors so they can 1) stay in the game and 2) ultimately succeed (there’s no excessive celebration penalty in real life). They throw all their resources and training and money into one or two team members– digital ads that convert into sales.

But as you know in the world of football — let’s say quarterback and left tackle, albeit key, are nothing without the team that makes their roles possible to begin with.

Running Out the Clock

Business leaders and people that overlook the importance of strategic brand building get stuck in this tunnel vision constantly — keeping their eye so much on the endzone that they forget they’ll never get there without the rest of the team by their side or cheering from the sidelines.

You need your linemen. You need your linebackers, every single one of them. Down to the safeties and cornerbacks, your plays WON’T follow through without including them at every turn, offensive and defensive. Working as one. Football isn’t just player-to-player athleticism, it’s a highly strategic operation from before the game starts to long after it ends. Your business should operate the same way.

Off From the Start

In business and brand building, your ads won’t convert if they didn’t huddle with every other team member first. Your target audience could be completely off if you didn’t get with the data team to pinpoint cold and warm audiences, long and short sales cycle demographics and how best to reach them.

Your copy might be completely misleading or misguided if you didn’t A/B test against other approaches. Your video or image is useless because you forgot to consult with designers about the 20% rule or the importance of showing faces if you’re showing people. Your credibility and ranking may be lacking because you didn’t get the best local SEO agencies on your team. And most importantly– if you didn’t start out your business this way, your brand as a whole is probably off.

You don’t lose games because you accept that the competitor is better, or your running back loses his footing. You lose when you’re so in tunnel vision that you forget you need the rest of the team, offensive and defensive, supporters and leaders, in every decision.

Don’t Foster Weak Links

A team is only as strong as its weakest player, wouldn’t you agree?

Make sure you don’t have any weak players by drafting Rock Candy Media, top branding and growth firm in Austin, TX, to help you coach.

You can even sit down with our CEO and ask for our numbers– we don’t lose.

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