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Mar 23, 2011    Uncategorized

Other Marketing Collateral


Logo. Check. Business card. Check. Website. Check. Why would you need anything else? Because despite everything, people still like paper. A well-written and well-designed brochure or sales slick can be a great leave behind when you meet a potential client for the first time. Or suppose you’re at a tradeshow? Putting a brochure in a potential customer’s hands ensures they’ll have something to remember you by as they work the room.

Take some time to plan. What works best for your type of business? An 8-1/2×11 sales slick, a tri-fold brochure, both? What products or services should you highlight? Do you need a targeted brochure for a particular niche market, or do you need a general brochure that targets your entire market? Or maybe you need both?

What are your competitors doing? Take some time to find out. You want to be sure that your brochure or marketing piece doesn’t get lost in a slush pile on someone’s desk. In order to ensure that doesn’t happen, you need killer design, and compelling copy that appeals to the reader’s emotions. And again, don’t use a template piece! Microsoft Publisher is the enemy! Your brand deserves better.

Contact Rock Candy Media. We’ll bring it all together. The logo, the business card, the website and the marketing collateral. It’ll all look like it actually comes from the same company – yours. For a unique look, and a competitive edge, Rock Candy Media has got you covered.

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