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Feb 21, 2011    Uncategorized

On The Business Card


In today’s high-tech world, it’s tempting to think that business cards are a relic of the past – and that therefore it’s okay to not put much thought into them. Nothing could be further from the truth. While a business card may not always be the first impression your business makes (it could be your website), it still conveys an image of your business and you want to be sure it conveys the right one.

Say you’re at a networking meeting or a Chamber event. You introduce yourself to a potential new customer and hand her your business card. This can often be “make it or break it” time in regards to the deal. After all think about it. Would you trust someone to run a professional business if they handed you a washed out business card they printed on their desktop printer? Or just as bad, a templated business card that is a dime a dozen, with the free ad on the back? Or would you perhaps think, “Really? What are you the neighborhood baby sitter? No thanks!”

Face it, first impressions count. Your business card should make the impression you want people to have about your business without saying a word.

Make it readable. The font should be clean, easy to read (no script fonts!) and large enough to read. Face it, there’s not a lot of real estate on a business card, but a properly done card will take advantage of what’s there and pare down the information offered to what’s necessary.

Make it attractive. This goes back to our previous post about your logo. Your business card may be the first time someone sees the logo of your business. A well-done logo will enhance the professional representation of your card.

Make it sturdy. No Avery cardstock here! Use a 100 lb or 120 lb cover stock for your business card. It will give a solid impression subtly sending the message that your business is solid, too.

Contact Rock Candy Media. As your business image experts, we’ll make sure your business card is sending the right message. Don’t let something so small as a business card keep you from getting the business you want!

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