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Dec 18, 2013    Uncategorized

No Scrubs


I’m not sure if it’s something about me or if it’s more of a reflection on 20-something males, but I have been on way too many first dates in the last six months where the guy showed up in a hoodie. And not a classy, semi-presentable hoodie either – the kind that looks like it was purchased from the clearance rack in a sporting goods store.

Insta-dealbreaker. I put on mascara for this, and you can’t even put on a real jacket?

That might seem like a totally arbitrary thing to nitpick about, and you know what? It kind of is. But that’s actually the point here – we, as humans, are arbitrary, nitpicky creatures. We will let one fairly minor thing ruin an entire experience for us, because of our personal tastes or preferences or just a complete stubborn lack of logic. And that fickleness of humanity can work for your business or it can work against your business – and if you aren’t paying attention to it, it’s probably working against your business.

Don’t see the connection?

Let me help you with that:

1. What is a potential customer’s first impression of your business, if the first interaction they have with your brand is a badly written or typo-riddled tweet?
2. What if said potential customer get sent to your website by a friend of theirs and they can’t find the contact information, directions, or really, any usable information about your business at all?
3. Or what if your ad copy is just not quite right, so said potential customer skims over it, instead of being pulled in and turned into an actual customer?

Sure, you might be fairly certain that your target audience doesn’t consist of design snobs or people concerned with spelling errors, but is it worth staking your business on?

Yeah. That’s what I thought. Ditch the hoodie and make your first impressions count.

“A scrub is a brand that can’t get no love from me”- RCM

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